Adding code blocks or pics in between bullet points

One of our writers asked: “*Is there a way to add code blocks between bullets in DH? I can’t seem to get the + sign in there, and any block I try to move basically jumps above the first bullet or below the last one”.

I stated that I’ve had to stop at the last bullet point, then start two regular text boxes then backspace out of the second one which then shows the + sign which allows me to add the code block. After entering the code, I then move on to a new line below the code block, select it, then choose the bullet option… it’s a little convoluted I know, but it seems to work

They replied: “Does the bullet continue then? Because I tried something similar, and it immediately moved the bullet to below the previous one and left the block as is”

I replied that I try to leave a space under the code block, open and add a second line of text, then add the bullet point to the second line, then backspace from the empty space above to bring the bullet point up below the code block. Thoughts?

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Hey David,

You definitely can add code blocks or images between bullet points (or numbered list). When you’re at the bullet where you want to enter the code block after, hit enter to start a new bullet, then hit enter to exit that bullet. You should see now the (+) sign.

See the gif showing how it works.

For numbered lists, you can resume numbered lists by typing, for example "4. " at the start of the line.

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Excellent, I will pass that info along.

As a side note, it was also mentioned that Shift-Enter doesn’t work as expected between bullets to add a non-bulleted line under the initial bullet point?

Shift enter has no use on DeveloperHub. All bullets are expected to be a paragraph.