Additional Markdown Headers (H4-H7)

  • What do you need?

Support additional Markdown headers, i.e. H4-H7.

  • Why do you need it?

To provide additional context and content under certain sections instead of creating additional, similar H3-level headers.

  • How would it work?

Add the header options to the existing UI.



Phases are used to orchestrate […]

cli --help

Commands related to ...

  cli phases [command]


The following commands may be used to start all or some of the node phases.

Start All Phases

cli phases start

Partial Start

Phases may be started partially […]

cli phases start --partial <phase>

Hey @Matthew_Roark,

We are aiming at allowing H4 this week. H4 will be used only for formatting purposes (as in to provide visual hierarchy), but it won’t be linkable and would not show in the table of contents. It would still actually be an H4 element, so would help with SEO structuring.


The reason is that we want to encourage to keep the page hierarchy and formatting simple.

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H4 is available now!

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EXCELLENT! This allows me to undo some ‘hacking’ and track less exceptions.
FWIW, I appreciate that H4 is visual-only, gently pushing us to keep pages simple. There’s a human nature (well, at least for ME) tendency to expand to available space or complexity, and this helps encourage me to keep it simple.

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