APIs, sections in table of contents

For APIs, would be nice to add sections with headings to the intro description, and those headings are added to the table of contents. ReDoc does this, see example: ReDoc Interactive Demo

Not sure if this is actually in the OpenAPI spec though, but thought to share.

Agreed. We can just parse the H2s in the API description and add them as in the photo. Will get this tasked.

This is now implemented and available. No action is required from your side to set it up.

@zed, doesn’t seem to be working (h2 in API description), could you possibly check? Thanks.

@Adam_Garrod, I can confirm that it is working as expected. See:


Apologies @zed, was stupidly using h2 tags and not markdown. Can see it in the ToC now.

  • Can we make the font size like the Server and Authentication headings (currently looks smaller)?
  • Can we add Server to the ToC?

Sorry to be a pain and appreciate you continually adding features. :slight_smile:

No worries!

  • I believe that the font size as is is clearer as this shows that it belongs under the API title, not a main section. Please feel free to modify using Custom CSS to modify style as needed.
  • I feel that this might overdo it for most of the API references we host as they have only one server URL. I do not believe it is standard to have a separate section for it. I’ll keep this tasked until we get more momentum on it from other users.