Article Creation From Category

What do you need?

The ability to create an article while selecting the category.

Why do you need it?

I would like to hide the app sidebar element to avoid displaying categories/articles next to the contents of each article, but, this effects both frontend and backend UX.

It is relevant in the context of leveraging DeveloperHub for Knowledge Base articles vs Docs where we may have 100s of articles.

How would it work?

Similar to the template workflow, add an additional button (perhaps to the sidebar – no preference, though) which would pop-up a screen that would allow me to select the category of the article, and then as well as the template, and then plop me into the editor.

Additionally, some capability would also need to be incorporated such that I could modify the category of the article without needing to drag/drop it (since the app sidebar would be hidden).

I’d suggest that certain metadata (such as the category) be made edit-able from the “Page Info” tab that exists currently.

Additional Comments

Even if I had the ability to have a different CSS for frontend and backend UX (which may be a good idea regardless), I’d still like to have this workflow to more easily create articles w/o needing to scroll/find the category (though, the collapsible categories in the backend have made this significantly easier – none the less…).

Hey @Matthew_Roark,

I’ll set up a call with you soon to discuss a proper solution for KBs.