Changelog/Diff with Activity History

What do you need?

I saw that there are change logs for page history, but it would be great to have a changelog/diff stored for things such as the global CSS and landing page as well.

Why do you need it?

Sometimes another admin may make changes that you are unaware of that may cause unexpected changes. It would be good to have a history of these changes so that rollbacks or better-informed solutions can be done.

How would it work?

Just a simple side to side comparison of the old & new text content would be great. Kind of like a diff on github but no need to highlight the diff and collapse the unchanged sections.

Hey Kevin,

Happy to help.

I’d highly recommend that you actually setup a git repository and keep:

  • Custom landing page HTML (.html)
  • Custom Head Tags (.html)
  • Custom CSS (.css)
  • Custom Footer (.html)

files on it, and use git commits properly.

After all, your documentation site is a website made out of code, and it’s good to keep the source code tracked.

Rebuilding github for the customisation options we have would be an overkill - afterall git was created for code (not for text :slight_smile:)