Code blocks auto-collapsing

We’ve got some code examples that are quite long. I’ve just noticed that they now collapse automatically (don’t think they did before).

Is there a way to stop them collapsing?


Hey Adam,

We do collapse by default any code block that has more than 100 lines. There isn’t a way for preventing them from collapsing at the moment.

Can you please explain the use case where you have a very long code block and you do not need it to collapse?

Hey Zaid,

We’ve got an example game template at around 200 lines, which has over 20 collapsed sections.

So the problem is that the user would have to uncollapse 20 sections to view the whole code block? Do you expect the user to uncollapse the 20 sections to understand your example?

Think my main issue is that some of the nested statements are a pain to keep clicking. If possible, an option to disable the collapsing would be a nice to have, say next to the custom tab title box.