Copy/Paste Table Rows

What do you need?

The ability to copy and paste data from and into a row of a table object. Primarily, data copied between rows among the same table – but, also, being able to export/import to/from other tables and/or converting from the clipboard.

Why do you need it?

Workflow improvement. It is possible to export, copy/paste the rows in Markdown, and then re-import the draft, but, ideally, this shouldn’t be necessary.

How would it work?

Data copied to the clipboard, initially within the same DeveloperHub page, but, perhaps also expanded to external sources, is able to be copy/pasted into an added row of a table, instead of needing to re-enter the same data, if applicable.


Column A Column B Column C
Data Data Data
Data Data Data

+1, being able to quickly copy and paste from Google doc/MS Word tables would make my life easier.

It’s only fair. I’ll get this tasked!