Hey all,

We have been hearing from you about a need to have a more centralised place for your team to collaborate on, know what is going on, and what next to do.

I can categorise your requests in the following points:

  • Having a dashboard as a starting place to view all that follows.
  • Find which unresolved comments are mentioning you.
  • Find all unresolved comments, in case you can take action on it.
  • See what has been edited last, similarly to what you get on your Slack notification.
  • See which pages are still in draft - which indicates that you might want to work on it.

Does this sound right to you? Is there something more that you would like to see in this dashboard? Is there any kind of statistic that excites you to know and pushes your team harder?

Please join in the discussion.

In addition to seeing what was edited last – it would be good to see who edited the article as well. (This is something which is missing from Slack notifications currently; however, I understand that this may be non-trivial with updates spanning multiple articles and authors.)

The ability to click on an edited article, and see the diff view (another feature yet to be introduced, to be discussed in a separate thread and has been brought up before) – in order to see the changes quickly at a glance.

The state of articles (Published/Draft) and the # of each for each Documentation may also be nice to know at a glance. (For example: 122 Published Articles, 1 Draft).

I will solicit the team for any further input or suggestions.

Thanks @Matthew_Roark!

That’s a good point. Indeed we will show who last edited as well as which page was last edited.

Diff viewer: Tasked for January 2021!

State of articles: We can probably add that under Documentation in the sidebar.

Appreciated your reply. Feel free to invite the team over as well for the discussion.

Hey Zaid,
This sounds great, will this include:

  1. include a change log / history log.
  2. an approval button (if junior staff want to get their work double checked).

Hey @Kiran_Bali, welcome to the discussion.

The dashboard is for the entire project - It is the home page where our users would start their day at DeveloperHub.

What kind of entries you would want to see in the change/history log?

How would the approval button work on the dashboard - and would it be any different from the junior staff writing a comment on a page “Is this good? @senior”, and the senior person resolving the comment and publishing?

We now have a beta release! Head over to your project. You’ll find the Dashboard button in the sidebar.

Let me know your thoughts!

Lookin’ good! The Activity tab is clear about which article was edited or what action was performed and by who. Clicking through on the assigned comments works out well in addition.

Suggestions for further improvements would be:

  • For the Activity tab, specify which version the activity took place – e.g. Published – v1.0. Otherwise, it may look to be that the same article is edited multiple times in succession (if an edit had to be cherrypicked to any prior or future versions, for example).

  • Consider displaying site statistics. For example, integrate with something like Google’s Embed API in combination with the existing Google Analytics integration to display key info – e.g. total unique page views, articles most viewed, etc.

  • Popular searches or keywords would also be another helpful perspective to have. Similar to the ability of Swiftype.

Thanks for the work on getting this out!