In-Line Comments

  • What do you need?

It may be considered more of a feature enhancement; however, the proposal is to introduce new functionality for comments such that they are shown in-line with the referenced block(s) and/or text that is highlighted/selected.

  • Why do you need it?

Currently, the way it works is that you can highlight text, within a single block, and add a comment using the comment icon, which then gets quoted and added the initial text for the comment, allowing you to write your feedback subsequent to that.

It can make it difficult to understand the context, and, often, you will need to edit that part of the article anyways, so, you have to visually find or CTRL + F the text in question.

  • How would it work?

Similar to Google Docs – highlightable blocks or areas of text which are able to be selected and commented on, which are shown in-line, via some sort of pop-out mechanism or otherwise. Multiple individuals can be tagged and assigned.

Hey Matthew,

This feature is a bit hard for us to implement in our editor at this moment. There’s huge infrastructural changes that have to happen to allow us to do this. I apologise but I would not be hopeful for this to be implemented anytime this year.

I appreciate the realistic determination on this one; thanks for the consideration as always! :+1:t2: