Incorrect example when an integer attribute has value zero

Hi team,
In YAML file, I have 2 integer attributes, one has example 0, another has example 50.

                description: The starting index in the batch. Used for pagination.
                type: integer
                example: 0
                description: The number of entries per page.
                type: integer
                example: 50

After rendered, example of first_index is “{integer}”. It should have been 0 as mentioned in YAML.

I’ve tried changing from 0 to 1, and first_index will display correctly.

This behavior also happens to boolean attribute. When setting true, it displays correctly. Otherwise, setting false, it will be “{boolean}”.

Please help check. Thanks.

Hey @Dung_H_Nguyen.

Thanks for reporting this. It’s now fixed.

Thanks @zed for your swift support

Hi @zed ,
Can you please check these things?
Look like the False value still displays wrong.

Ah sorry for not replying earlier. This has been fixed shortly after you reported it.

Thanks Zaid. I’ve just checked and seen it fixed.