PDF export is not functioning

Please help me to export the sandbox page to pdf: https://app.developerhub.io/metadefender-sandbox/1.9.3/installation/installation-introduction

I always get a failed result.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hello @hunor.ugri

Apologies about this. I’ve looked into the issue and the PDF generation is failing because of a problem in the API reference.

As the data may be sensitive, I’ll send you an e-mail with the exact issue. However, in summary, you have a query parameter in the OpenAPI definition that has a mismatching schema to the example provided.

Currently, this query parameter is NOT showing the API reference on DeveloperHub, and we’ve modified the PDF generator to also not show this due to the type inconsistency.

No action is needed from your side now. The two versions you were trying to export PDFs for have now successfully been generated.

Thank you for reporting this!