Publishing Workflow/Pipeline

Establishing a Review Process is something which is hit on in the DeveloperHub blog. Indeed – we’d like to choose a specific method of reviewing, and that being in the DeveloperHub platform itself. Currently, the internal comments for collaboration are the mechanism for which this can be accomplished – collaborating between those with a reviewer/writer vs publisher role.

To expand upon this workflow, it would be nice to have a “pipeline”, essentially, where an article can be in a “Ready for Review” state prior to being moved to “Published”, for example – with the option for those as publishers to skip this and publish directly, as normal.

Currently, the only article states are “Draft” and “Published”, essentially – where an article can be “Published” but also in “Draft” if any modifications are made after the fact.

A mechanism is needed to signal to publishers and/or those responsible for reviewing articles otherwise that these articles are ready to go, and not still being worked on (aside from a comment tagging these individuals and stating as such).

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Hey Matthew,

This would be an interesting addition, and one that also plays well with our upcoming dashboard.

Who would be the ones to approve - which roles do they have? Would one approval do, or more are needed depending on context?

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Zaid –

Based on the current roles available, “Publisher” would likely be the most appropriate to act as an approver, as it is expected that they themselves are able to already publish their own content, vs “Writer” which only allows publishing of draft content (which is what I would expect of non-publishers). Our Knowledge Centered Service/Support (KCS) workflow aligns with this currently in terms of promoting a user to a KCS “Publisher” level at which point they’ve graduated the necessary requirements for publishing quality content, and are able to review others’ content.

Typically, only one approval from a single publisher should be required. Adding additional would be nice, but, it hasn’t been part of our process thus far.

Please let me know if I could provide any additional details to flesh this out!

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This makes sense. I’ll keep you updated Matthew!

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