Regularly Scheduled Backups

I’d welcome a means of regularly scheduling project-wide exports with DeveloperHub. I don’t need it, but I kinda want it, especially as I’m beginning to delegate roles to other folks in the organization who might not have the same compulsive backup habits.

Many moons ago, I established the habit of reflexively backup up files as I change them. It has come in handy an absurd number of times.

Beyond that daily workflow habit, I schedule backups to execute regularly and status me red flags if things go awry.

Belt and braces.

I’m flexible. Email delivery? Prompt for weekly download (maybe with a don’t as me again opt-out?

To me, this is a low-priority nice-to-have feature.


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Hey Randy, this post got me laughing :joy:

In fact we do provide an Export API for enterprise plans, so they can take as many backups as they need at their own time, saving it to their own backup solutions as means of a customer-initiated disaster recovery mechanism.

As we do provide page edit history so you can revert to any page state at any time, and user permissions so only publishers can delete pages, then generally we should have got you covered without needing a backup.

When were times when you actually needed to take a backup?

Happy to help!

Oof. I missed your reply – sorry.
With all the backtrack options I have with ‘revert’ I am pretty much covered for my use case.

This was more about me wanting to schedule a sanity-check (says more about my sanity than DeveloperHub!).