Unaccepted Invitations

I see this in DeveloperHub, I also see it in a space I manage in SwaggerHub… invitations presumably requested and sent, but not accepted or otherwise actioned.

Right now I’m following up manually and axing people after a period of non-response.

Any suggestions on a better way ?

I thought to ask for a regular re-invitation until they accept, but that feels too close to unsolicited commercial email. If they lost or didn’t respond to the first invite, what are the odds of the same result from a same action repeat?

Hey Randy,

I agree about sending multiple e-mails to feel unsolicited - I do not believe this is normal process when it comes to SaaS, but more of social networks.

I wonder how often do you invite new teammates? What’s the reason behind frequent invitations? That would help me understand how we could resolve the issue.

chuckle I know, I know… I hate being the nag, so I was brainstorming ways of outsourcing that nag so that it doesn’t come from me.

The root of the problem here is content experts not prioritizing reviews, or stakeholders not buying into the role I would like in this particular SaaS. The solution here is me tracking and following up with team members who I have invited but who have not yet accepted. Getting them to accept is something I can track – getting them to participate is another step further, but the latter is the goal and the former is just an easily-viewed metric.

FYI, I invite new team members as folks join staff, re-org into projects/teams, or new projects demand. This happens every few months.

I’ll continue to work this with my team… in the light of more caffeine this Monday morning, this posting reads more like a whine and less like a feature request. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Start tagging them in comments on the pages :slight_smile: That’ll get them e-mails for them to participate.

You might also want to setup a group call with them to show them how easy it is to write on DeveloperHub (type and save), as they might be discouraged from past experiences of documentation.