Viewing differences in page history

Hey there!

Getting to viewing the differences between a current version of the page and its edit history.

There are a few questions that need to be answered:

How do you wish to view the differences?

For reference:

  • Google docs shows the whole page, highlighting differences between an edit and the previous one.
  • Dropbox paper by default shows the edit only with a bit of context around it, highlighting differences between an edit and the previous one.

So, do you need to see:

  • The whole page with differences highlighted, OR only the edited parts with context around it (±3 lines).
  • The changes between the current page and the chosen edit, OR the changes between the selected edit and the one before it?

UI or Export format?

Viewing the changes exactly as we show content in the pages right now is challenging and would require more development time than just showing differences in, for example, how exports look like. Do you need to view differences as they show in the editor, or would seeing differences as they are in exports is fine?

Excited to get this feature available! Let me know your ideas.

Hey Zaid,
I would prefer Google docs edit history. Viewing the entire page helps for comparison.

Hi Zaid,

I also would prefer to see the whole page with the differences highlighted, Google Docs style. In UI format it will be easier to spot the differences, since in export format, the callout, code blocks and tables have the added format that is harder to read (added “” etc’).


Thanks for your inpurts.

There is one more hidden question here:
For google docs and dropbox, you see the change between a commit and the one before it.

I do not think this is applicable for DeveloperHub, as you probably want to see the changes between the current version and the published one - so you are confident when publishing.

What do you think, which commits will you be comparing?

Great news, we have it now available online

Please try it out and let me know what you think.


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Looks good from my perspective! Kudos! :tada:

Will report back any quirks, etc., if any, once I have a chance to look over some more edit history.

I used this today, and it worked great for me. Way faster than the backtrack and text-compare utilities I have on my exported files. I can always go line-by-line in the text later if I need to – what you have is a quick way for me to compare A/B. Thanks!

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