Zendesk Integration (Knowledge Capture)

  • What do you need?

An integration with Zendesk – similar to the Knowledge Capture app – which would allow a Support agent to link an article (product documentation or KB) present within DeveloperHub.

  • Why do you need it?

DeveloperHub is a separate component currently and there is no easy way – aside from going to app.developerhub.io – to easily “capture knowledge” and create an article from the technical case. Additionally, without Zendesk Guide and the assc. Knowledge Capture app, we have no way of tracking if an article was linked in the case and by whom, as no event is added as such. Manual comment analysis or adding a custom URL field would otherwise be required.

  • How would it work?

DeveloperHub would be installed as an app to Zendesk, and be present within the “Apps” sidebar, similar to the native Knowledge Capture app (which leverages Zendesk Guide knowledge base). Support agents would be able to search for, and link an article directly from this app/widget. Additionally, pre-formatted templates would be available to “capture knowledge” and create an article (such as a “Frequently Asked Question”, for example) in DeveloperHub (where the user would be redirected).

Hey @Matthew_Roark,

Adding a Zendesk integration would be a great addition to our list of integrations. Generally, with our Search API the first requirement should be somehow easy to implement. The Zendesk app framework looks to allow javascript apps to work.

I’d love to get this implemented if we do have enough momentum from customers to kick off this project. I invite you to take a jab at it as well as the framework looks straightforward.