Ability to Hide Documentation/Sections

  • What do you need?

The ability to hide a whole documentation, or certain sections within a documentation.

  • Why do you need it?

To work on changes in private prior to being published. It is only possible to do this with individual pages currently.

  • How would it work?

    • If there are no published or visible pages or sections within a documentation, either should be hidden by default. (It doesn’t seem logical to have a section displayed w/o any visible articles in the first place – which may be a bug in of itself.)
    • A checkbox would exist to allow the documentation to be hidden manually otherwise, until it is ready to be published, and selectable for end-users.
    • End-users should not be able to select the documentation from the frontend selector.
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Hey @Matthew_Roark,

We would actually love to do this. To set expectations, this is quite hefty work but I’ll have it tasked for Q4 probably.

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I have been able to get some level of function by moving pages (which brings their subpages along) from viewable documentation into a DEV not viewable (unpublished) documentation. It is a little unpredictable whether that DEV directory will show up in the public-facing docs, but it is straightforward to unpublish the content itself… just the documentation name presents unpredictably.

I’m interested to see what features the DeveloperHub team comes up with to make this work. I’m sure it will be better than what I’m doing!

Hello everyone,

This has already been implemented and deployed last week. You can now unpublish documentation and API reference sections.

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