Hidden or private pages

Hidden or private pages… there are times when we want select readers to view new functionality that is being piloted, and don’t want most readers to access. Other portals offer this functionality in various ways, such as URLs with a secret key or user groups with certain page access.

Could this functionality be added to DeveloperHub?

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Hey Adam,

I will get this tasked but its implementation is not really an easy one so it might be a while until we get it.

The manual alternative today is to provide the page in PDF format to the reader (use the Print as PDF feature of your browser).

Thanks Zaid, know it’s not a simple task, but would be a useful feature!

+1, though, I do want to note this has been partially implemented as per: Ability to Hide Documentation/Sections - #3 by Randy_Burleson

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Great news. This is getting baked now in the oven.

How it would work:
You can mark a page as hidden from index. When a reader visits the docs, they won’t see it in the index. Search does not reach its contents. Search engine robots do not index it.

If any page links to it in the documentation, or if you provide the reader with a direct URL to it, then they’ll be able to navigate to the page and see its contents. At this point, it would show in the index with a slashed eye icon next to it which on hovered would show (Page is hidden).


If the page is a parent page, then naturally its child pages are hidden with it too, and they would all appear if the reader stumbles on the parent page or any child page of it.

Is this how you expect it to work?

Note: The solution is not to be used to protect sensitive information.

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And this is available now!

Unlisted page had a rename into unpublished page

Pages can now be hidden, which keeps them available online when accessed through a link in the documentation or a direct URL.

@zed, excellent work as always.


If this doesn’t appear in the ToC or search results, why not? Is the only reason that the reader could guess the URL, in which case the writer can use a key in the slug e.g. “my-secret-page-wfyj49seq6q2vxju”

Even though it does not appear on the UI or search, the hidden pages are still sent through the API. If someone intends to find them, then they can find them.

For sensitive information, only Custom Login should be used on a project level.

Sure, thanks @zed.

… the hidden pages are still sent through the API
So that means they can, I assume, use the browser tools to find hidden pages?